Monday, 7 May 2012

Creating Your very own QR Code
What many people do  not realize is, that using  you can not only shorten your url, but you can also create your very own QR code!

What is a QR code:

A QR code is a black and white barcode looking image, that you can then use your phone/computer/ipad to scan. Above, is what a typical QR code looks like. Once you've held your phone/computer/ipad up to it and take a photo of the QR code. It will "scan" the picture and take you to the site it links to.

Click play to watch a tutorial on how to create your own QR code:

CiteLighter Tutorial

Citelighter is a great and a easier way to cite and capture parts of websites to help your project. Each time you highlight a part of a website, you get to capture it and citelighter will cite it for you. the citations are in the form of  MLA, APA and Chicago format. You can then go and edit those citations if something is missing or you can export it to Word, Google Docs and via Email. Citing has gotten a lot easier. Create Infographics online

infographics from on Vimeo.

Today I started to use this awesome and free web app that allows you to create good looking info graphics in minutes,just choose a theme and get to work with the easy UI. This software is still in beta so it has some missing features that the developers are probably going to include in the official program.This software becomes useful at school to create posters about a project or raise awareness about a GC. I really like this web app and I am looking forward to the official release and downloadable app.

Google Search Education

Google Search had many tools than many people don't know about. Most people use Google by typing in the search and finding there way to a good website from there. Google Search Education is a website that explains the different tools that can be used to make finding a good website or picture easier. Some of the most helpful tools are. 
Any Color: A tool that helps find pictures based on the color you want
Any Time: A tool that lets you chose the time you want the website or picture from
Any Type: which lets you chose what type of website or picture you like.
There are many more tools that could help making searching easier this could help lots of kids in school find websites for the projects easier. The Google Search Education website has many lessons and videos for you to learn from.