Thursday, 17 November 2011

LanSchool Upgrades

For the past two weeks, we have been upgrading the LanSchool software on student laptops.

It aims to provide convenience for both teachers and students during classes. Teachers are allowed to push assignments, tests, and quizzes, while students have the option to ask their teacher a question without getting up and walking around.

Don't be scared! [ Domirel - Worried Eggs II ]

It is an easy software to use.
Students are asked to change to a particular class's channel once they have arrived at the class.
If you are asked to switch to channel, '205', you would click on the LanSchool icon, select "Change to a new class", then type in "205".

If you're scared or angry... ;
If you're scared or angry, don't be. Teachers aren't going to spy on you. This program wasn't given to you to be used as a spying software. In fact, before we all had the upgrades, teachers and administrators were free to look at your screens at any time.
So the installation benefits all students, as they can choose to connect to the teacher's channel. Hope you understand now.


  1. Remember 99 and 98 are for lunchtimes and breaks!

  2. LanSchool is unbelievable - in a good way. Don't be afraid to download it as it will help you communicate with Teachers. It also enables you to ask the teachers questions during a lesson!