Monday, 27 May 2013

Passwords and Security

"A password should stay in our own brain and not anyone else's." 
                                                                           - Pallav Agarwal

A password is the one thing that protects nearly everything on you laptop. It protects, your:
- e-mail
- documents
- personal photos and videos
- School work
- and more...

Keeping a password safe is extremely important. if someone knows your password I sternly recommend you to change it immediately. Of course if it is your parents then maybe they have the right of knowing your password but if it is a friend then you should still change it because you never know... anything can happen. Change your laptop password even if someone might know it. It is very easy to do so.

If you lose track of the password then maybe you can download a password keeping app that will hold all your passwords. I have a good one where you can have one master password (That NO ONE should ever know) and that will be the key to all other password that you might forget.
Here it is:

Use this to store all your passwords. Remember, DON'T TELL ANYONE YOUR PASSWORD!!!

If you don't know what password to choose then you can always use a password generator. System preferences can do it for you but if you want to use some thing else then 

So remember to change your password and not tell anyone!!!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Dealing with Virus'

Having a virus in a laptop such as a mac is usually rare. But in these days of downloading, file sharing, people download things from all over the internet with no place to check wether it is safe or not. This can lead to virus' getting in our laptops because we could be expecting an app o be downloading whereas actually, if the download is a .ZIP or .DMG file then as soon as they are opened, the virus would go into the hard rive and basically take over it. 

Sometimes it takes time for a virus to take over your laptop or maybe instead of going to take over data, It wants to do something else. This would make your mac slow down a lot and could be a sign of a virus. 

So My mac started to get very slow and I just thought of doing a virus scan. It was scanning my whole laptop and so I left it to run overnight. When I checked later on, It showed that I had three files that had a risk of being a virus! This app was very good though and "Quarantined" the files by moving them to a certain location like the desktop. From there I managed to see what the virus' was and if I could, then delete it. I managed to delete the virus and my laptop actually started to run faster.

I ran the virus scan overnight on four virus scanning apps all free from the app store:

Only ClamXav and Virus Barrier express found virus'. If you only want one virus scanning app then I would recommend Virus barrier express since it shows what file was the virus and put's it straight into the trash.