Thursday, 27 September 2012

Creating your ePortfolio Google Site

The first step in setting up your Google Site that will house your ePortfolio is to log in to your "gapps" account and select "sites" from the Google tool options.

Once you've done that, press the red "create" button.

After that, you have to click on the "browse the template gallery" link and search for the word "white." The MS Portfolio Template - White should come up.  That's the one you need to select.

Once you've selected this template, you need to give your site a name.
Important: your site name & URL must be your gapps username (last name and numbers)

 See this example -->

Once you've done that, press "create" again at the top of the page and you've made your site!

Note: the site is just a template of the portfolio site, you should customize the look and feel to make it reflect who you are. There are some specific bits of information on the site template about how what is expected to be in your portfolio. Please keep that information until your portfolio is nearly complete and you're sure it is set-up properly with everything that your mentor teacher expects.

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